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Torch Cigar Lighters For Experienced Cigar Smokers

Once you get to a certain point with your cigar hobby, you start to look for a premium torch cigar lighter. Torch lighters are both stylish and practical. Youíll feel like James Bond when you pull one of these high end lighters out to share with your buddies at your next get together. A couple brands that are popular with cigar smokers are the Xikar and the Visol. Two popular places to buy them online are Tinderbox and eLighters.

Popular Visol Torch Lighters

The Visol torch lighters come in a wide variety of models and finishes depending on the style you are looking for. Women smokers might opt for a hot pink one that is more cylindrical. Guy smokers will probably go with something more manly like a gun metal finish.

Most of their lighters fall in the twenty to forty dollar range. You can pay a little more or a little less if you want to. They have enough different lighter models to suit just about anyone.

Xikar Torch Lighters

In my opinion the Xikars were designed with men in mind. Most of the styles of lighters that I have seen from them have metallic finishes like the ever popular gun metal. Some of their lighters use a classic flint ignition system.

Prices on these torches range from about $20 - $75 roughly. That is not a bad price at all for a quality lighter. If you are looking for refillable lighters, make sure you are getting high end fuel for them. That will make sure you arenít embarrassed in front of your friends when you canít get your expensive lighter to light up quickly and effortlessly. The kind of butane you use does matter believe it or not.

Things to remember about butane cigar lighters: