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Sancho Panza Cigars

For our wedding anniversary this year, my wife picked up some new cigars for me. The cigars she bought me were a Sancho Panza variety sampler pack. The tobacconist at the cigar shop near her work recommended them to her. Some years ago I made a list of favorite cigars as well as cigars I would like to try. This way she can take that list with her when she is gift shopping. It paid off again this time.

Sancho Panza was originally a Cuban cigar. The Cuban factory dates back to the mid eighteen hundreds. The ones that we get here in the US are typically from a much more modern factory in Honduras. I was really impressed with the quality of this slightly lesser known brand. Ecery one of the four cigars I tried were quite good.

Guys, if you haven't tried one before, I suggest you go out of your way for one. I guarantee you'll like these cigars. Each one of them is a great smoke. Lots of flavor and a smooth draw every time. These cigars are very reasonably priced considering their exceptional quality. After another box of these, one of them just might make it onto my favorite cigars list. Look around and you'll find them for under $4 a cigar. If you are looking for other premium quality cheap cigars read the opinions found here.

Sancho Panza Natural and Maduro Cigars to Try or Buy

Three of the four were surprisingly full bodied for natural wrapper cigars. The La Mancha was a Maduro. I really can't say enough about the bang for the buck you get with these smokes. They will surprise you.