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Any experienced cigar lover knows that some of the best tobacco in the world is found in the Partagas brand. It's pronounced (par - tah - gah -ss). Originally Partagas was produced only in Cuba. It is one of the oldest cigar brands in the world reaching back about 160 years. The cigars are very high quality and handmade. In 1960 the cuban government seized control of the cigar factories including the Partagas run by Ramon Cifuentes. Eventually the original management ended up using facilities in Santiago in the Dominican Republic. The Partagas cigars we get here in the United States are made in the Dominican Republic. The rest of the world gets Partagas from the original sites in Cuba.

The top notch cigars Partagas produces each year are rolled by a couple hundred master hand rollers. Their facilities are said to be as clean as a pharmaceutical company. Everything, including their production equipment is maintained to very high standards. That same quality seems to have passed through straight into the cigars themselves. Partagas cigars are wrapped in tobacco from Cameroon in Africa. The wrappers are the key ingredient in making these smokes so special.

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