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Cuban Cigars

As any cigar lover knows, Cuban cigars are some of the most sought after cigars in the world. Because of the American trade embargo with Cuba, it has been difficult for Americans to get their hands on authentic Cuban hand rolled cigars. You can buy two cigars with the same brand name from different countries now. That has caused some confusion in identifying which ones are the real deal and which cigars are copy cats.

A little History about Cuban Cigars

Here is a little history about Cuban cigars so you understand where all the confusion comes from. Ever since European settlers came to the region, the popularity of Cuba's agricultural products have been growing. Hundreds of years ago, some smart entrepreneurs realized that they could capitalize on the exceptional tobacco growing qualities of Cuba. They started mass producing cigars and other tobacco products for export to the rest of the world. Because of their quality, Cuban tobacco products quickly became dominant in the industry.

Then came the Cuban revolution. During the Cuban revolution, the Cuban government seized control of the nation's biggest and most productive cigar factories. They needed the money form these operations to fund their government and for redistributing their wealth. As a result of this government takeover, many of the factory owners fled the country. These tobacco industry geniuses weren't about to let their experience go to waste though. Some of them ended up starting new companies in the nearby countries including the Dominican Republic.

Cuban Cigars in the US vs. Cuban Cigars in the rest of the world

Since the United States has began its trade embargo with Cuba, it is not possible for authentic Cuban cigar manufacturers to sell their cigars in the US. These brands still had tremendous value in the cigar industry. To take advantage of those widely known brands, companies in other countries began manufacturing and selling cigars and other products under the tradenames that belonged to the Cuban companies. They could use those well known names to convince Americans that these products were the same high quality products they could only get in Cuba.

The rest of the world didn't partake in this trade embargo. So, the Cuban cigar factories kept right on selling their cigars to the rest of the world under the original names. That has created a situation where you can buy cigars of one brand, like Cohiba for instance, that could be made from Cuban grown tobacco or from Dominican grown tobacco. As a matter of fact, just about every major Cuban brand of cigar has another company somewhere else in the world that sells other sometimes inferior products under the original Cuban name to Americans.

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