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Cohiba Cigars | Cohiba Cuban Cigars

Like most of the other Cuban cigar bands, Cohiba cigars are actually manufactured in two different places by two different companies. The original Cohiba brand is from a Cuban based state owned company outside of Havana. The ones that most Americans get are made in the Dominican republic by General Cigar.

The tobacco used to fill the cigars is unique because it undergoes a third fermentation process in barrels. This extra step is supposed to give it a smoother flavor than other cigars. I've got recommendations for cheap discounted cigars on this page.

The Cohiba brand was made really popular by Fidel Castro. Castro was introduced to the brand through a bodyguard of his. He asked his bodyguard where the man got his sweet smelling cigars. The bodyguard put Castro in touch with the man who had rolled his cigars. Being paranoid about assasination attempts on his life, Castro setup a personal team of hand rollers to make these cigars for him, his guests and foreign diplomats. The brand took off because people figured Castro would only smoke the best Cuban cigars and tobacco available.

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Pretty much all of the Cohibas you can buy are going to be a medium body to full body cigar. This is true for both the Cubans and the Dominican cigars.